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Looking to educate yourself, your employees, your volunteers, or another adult about CP? By compiling resources from leading experts and other CP associations, we have created a comprehensive guide to cerebral palsy. Most of the information in the document is also listed on our "About Cerebral Palsy" pages as well.

If you intend to distribute this document in large quantities (for free), we ask that you please send us an email and we will give you permission to print and distribute the document. We do not condone or allow the sale of this document or any other informational documents which we provide.

Download the guide here:

CPANL Guide to Cerebral Palsy

Want your kids or students to learn about CP? We have an easy-to-understand, comprehensive cerebral palsy guide for kids! Let us know if you are a using this guide in your class - we would love to hear about it!


We recommend that you read the guide yourself first to determine whether or not your children or students are at the correct reading level to understand the guide. It would be helpful for you - or the adult in charge - to read the guide with the children or students to ensure that they fully understand everything written in it.

Download the guide here:

CPANL Educational Cerebral Palsy Guide for Kids

Looking for a fun activity for young kids to do while you teach them about inclusion and accessibility? Download our "ABCs of Inclusion and Accessibility" colouring sheet!

Download it here:

CPANL Colouring Sheet

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